MOX 7.0

automatic & autonomous

The main application of the MOX 7.0 is to protect wide range of vehicles but can be installed in various stationary objects (industrial buildings, workroom, storehouses, etc.) The MOX 7.0 was designed to withstand increased vibrations, temperature and dynamic loads (usually present during the operation of various automotive or tractor machinery, rail transport or other vehicles).

Thanks to its special design, the extinguishing agent can be conveyed through pipelines to the hard-to-reach protected objects.

The module has small overall dimensions and a special design allowing the fire extinguishing composition to be conveyed through pipelines to hard-to-reach places of the protected objects.

Dry powder mass

6 kg

Module mass

12.4 kg

Protected volume

12 m3

Protected area

10 m2

Function of self-actuation


Use on vehicles


Operation temperature

-50 °C to +95 °C

Protected stationary objects temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C


300 mm


160 mm


400 mm (480 mm)

Actuation device type

electrical, thermal or combined

Actuation current

0.5 A

Electrical resistance

3.2 – 5 Ohm

Self-actuation temperature for modules with a function of self-actuation

180 °C

Operating lifetime

10 years