MOX 2.5

automatic & autonomous

The actuation of MOX 2.5 impulse dry powder module can be both autonomous (within an automatic fire extinguishing system) and in the self-triggered mode during the fire. Since the module has the electrical actuation function, it can be implemented in a wide variety of automatic fire systems. Thanks to its self-triggered mode it will extinguish even if the automatic system fails. In some objects in combination with an autonomous actuator, where no electricity is present, the modules works autonomously.

Due to its symmetrical and aesthetic „UFO“ design, the module fits in a wide range of rooms - industrial facilities, garages, office premises, trading enterprises... interiors of individual country houses or cottages etc.

MOX 2.5 EP (Explosion Proof version) with protection level 2ExemIIBT3 X is suitable for explosive areas where materials of category IIB and group T3 are treated according to PUE.

The most common application of MOX 2.5 EP modules are in refining facilities, paint and spray shops, gas stations or any other premises with explosive production.

Dry powder mass

1.95 kg

Module mass

2.9 (3.6kg EP version )

Protected volume

18 m3

Protected area

7 m2

Function of self-actuation


Operation temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C


250 mm


146 mm

Actuation current

0.2 A (0.4A for EP)

Electrical resistance

6.4 .. 8 Ohm (3 .. 6.5 for EP)

Actuation device type

electrical, thermal or combined

Self-actuation temperature for modules with a function of self-actuation

180 °C

Operating lifetime

10 years