MOX 2.0

automatic & autonomous

The MOX_2.0 is designed to fit in tight spaces to protect the cable channels, spaces behind suspended ceilings and under raised floors, to protect diesel generating sets, fire-hazardous compartments of various special vehicles and vehicles (graders, compactors, excavators, wheel loaders, slag trucks, river and sea vessels ..etc.) and to widhstand conditions with elevated ambient temperature.

Dry powder mass

1.65 kg

Module mass

4,7 - 5,9 kg (without bracket)

Protected volume

15 m3

Protected area

10 m2

Function of self-actuation


Use on vehicles


Operation temperature

-50 °C to +95 °C

Protected stationary objects temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature

-50 °C to +50 °C


145 mm


110 mm


340 mm (476 mm)

Actuation device type

electrical, thermal or combined

Self-actuation temperature for modules with a function of self-actuation

180 °C

Operating lifetime

10 years