MOX 15.0

automatic & autonomous

These modules were developed to protect buildings and rooms of large volumes and areas. MOX 15 are widely used at energy facilities, refineries, industrial objects, warehouses, garages, etc. Installation of additional pipelines is possible to feed the extinguishing powder directly to the protected volume.

MOX 15 modifications:

 MOX 15U - ceiling mount (ceiling height of 3.5 to 6m)

 MOX 15ST - ceiling mount (ceiling height of 3.5 to 6m), short-term action

 MOX 15ST10 - ceiling mount (ceiling height of 6 to 14m), short-term action

 MOX 15STW – wall mount, short-term action

 MOX 15STT – transport version, short-term action


Explosion proof version with level and type of protection PB Exdl X / 1ExdllBT3 X explosion protection. The explosion proof modules are installed to protect spaces with higher risk of explosion such as gas and refining facilities, paint stores, gas stations, etc.

MOX 15 EP modifications:

 MOX 15 EPM – impulse dry powder module, ceiling mount, explosion proof

 MOX 15W EP - wall mount, powder cloud exits the module in horizontal direction at a distance up to 8 m, explosion proof

 MOX 15UST EP – short term action, ceiling mount (ceiling height of 1.5 to 2.5m), explosion proof

 MOX 15WST EP – short term action, wall mount (installation height of 1.5 to 2.5m), explosion proof

Dry powder mass 14.5 kg

Module mass 23 kg

Protected volume 96 m3

Protected area 48 m2

Function of self-actuation

Installation height 3.5 – 6.0 m

Use on vehicles

Operation temperature -50 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature -50 °C to +50 °C

Diameter 300 mm

Height 422 mm

Actuation device type electrical, thermal or combined

Actuation current 0.5 A

Electrical resistance 3.2 – 4.2 Ohm

Operating lifetime 10 years