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Kodreta create custom fire-lights for luxuorious residences balcony , galleries and libraries etc.

custom design MOX 2.5 – LIGHT

How to order :

For a free, no-commitment quote, send us an email describing your project.

Here are some details that will help us prepare an accurate quote quickly:

• your goals and aesthetic -- what do you want to accomplish?

• the design -- if you have something in mind, please send us a sketch or a clear description.

• the size -- does it need to fit in a specific space? If so, please provide a photograph and some measurements.

• the colors

• the application -- does it go on a wall or celing. 


Basic properties

Dry powder mass: 1.95 kg

Protected volume: 18 m3

Protected area: 7 m2

Function of self-actuation

Operation temperature: -50...+50°C/+90°C

The Impulse dry ABC powder module «MOX 2.5 » can be started both in the forced electric start-up mode in the Automatic (Autonomous) Fire Extinguishing System and in the self-triggered mode during the fire.

The inertia in the mode of self-operation when exposed to a combustion site with an area of 0.4 square meters is not more than 20 seconds.

For most of our clients, the combination of two functions in the module immediately represents a special attraction:

• The possibility of electrical start-up allows the use of « MOX 2.5 » in automatic fire extinguishing systems;

• Self-operation function allows to hope for successful extinguishing of the fire that has arisen even if the automation system fails;

• The module’s autonomy makes it possible to use it in some cases without any control systems at all.

• Modules «MOX-2,5» due to their original and aesthetic form resembling a «flying saucer», are used to protect trading enterprises, office premises, garage boxes, and industrial facilities. They fit organically into suspended ceilings of premises, into interiors of individual country houses and cottages.

Specifications : custom design MOX 2.5 – LIGHT

• Generator Mass: 2,90 kg.

• Dry Powder Mass: 1,95 kg.

• Diameter minimum : 260 mm.

• Length minimum : 146 mm.

• Protected Volume: 18,0 m3.

• Protected Area: 7,0 m2.

• Actuation device can be electrical, thermal and combined.

• Actuation current: 0,2 A.

• Electrical resistance: 6,4 … 8,0 Om

• The module has the function of self-actuation when the temperature reaches 180 °C!

• Operation Temperature: -50…+50 °C / +90°C.

• Storage Temperature: -50…+50 °C.

• Service Life: 10 years.

Smart solution Fire-light, 2in1