FIREMAN 112 & MOX 112

throwable fire extinguisher


All you will need to do is to throw it. The fragile plastic container will break easily and extinguish the small fire. It’s as easy as that. Kids and the elderly should also be able to use this if the need arises

The revolutionary throwable fire extinguisher

1. Hand-throw fire extinguisher Fireman112 designed to

Extinguishing fires and fires of type A.

Fireman112exceptionally successfully extinguishes:

• hard and soft wood species, dry grass, sawn timber, wood plating, as well as all other wood products, all types of fabrics, clothes, shoes, carpets and decking, curtains, wallpaper, paper and paper products, pressed paper;

• rubber and celluloid products;

• all types of plastic materials, etc.;

• animal fats and vegetable oils;

• isolation of electricity cables.

Fire extinguisher Fireman112 does not extinguish the ignition of alkali and alkaline earth metals and substances burning without access to air. 

2. Preparation of the manual fire extinguisher Fireman112for work and placement at the facilities.

Before installing the fire extinguisher Fireman112 it is necessary to visually inspect the fire extinguisher and make sure there are no cracks and stains on its plastic casing. To place the fire extinguisher Fireman112 on the site you need to get the fire extinguisher from the case and place it:

a) On the desktop;

b) On the shelves, in cafes or other office furniture;

c) On the walls of the object, fixing (installing) a special shelf - holder.

3. Recommended installation objects:

• in apartments

• the residential and office premises, cottages

• clinics and hospitals

• ships, trains and planes

• personal and public transport

• warehouses, production halls

• in hotels, trading houses

• hostels and shops

• in the laboratories of various profiles

• sports and entertainment complexes

• airports, railway stations, bus station

• sanatoriums and boarding houses

• military barracks, the headquarters and outposts

• hangars, repair sites airfields and train DEPOTS

• cinemas, theatres, museums

• buildings and premises of archives

4. Maintenance service

Maintenance is not required. Fire extinguishers should be provided with free access to the fire extinguishers' places Fireman112 to check their efficiency. Fireman 112does not require maintenance for the entire service life.

To recommended make a visual inspection of vehicles for damage.

5. Warranty liability

Warranty period of operation of fire extinguisher Fireman112 is 3 (three) years from the date of issue. Each capsule with a factory defect, for free changing an official distributor.

6. Completeness of fire extinguisher Fireman112

The fire extinguisher Fireman112 is completed:

- Capsule of the fire extinguisher Fireman112

- Capsule case;

- Operative datasheet (operations manual).

At the request of the customer throws fire extinguisher Fireman112 can be additionally equipped with:

- Carrying bag,

- Protective container (box) for transport in the vehicle;

- A shelf holder for attaching the fire extinguisher Fireman112to the walls of the protected object.

7. The way of proceeding of fire extinguisher Fireman112

In case of occurrence of a fire, take the capsule fire extinguisher Fireman112 on the right hand (for those who are left-handed to the left). And throw it above the fire or in the ceiling above the fire, so that the capsule crashed. Extinguishing means, being sprayed on the fire, passes into the gaseous phase. Fire extinguishing liquid is applied to the combustion zone of the combined method. Creates a strong cooling effect, it displaces oxygen from the fire. On the extinguished surface a thin layer (in the form of a film) is formed, preventing re-ignition.

To effectively extinguish large fires, you can use a solution of the composition Fireman112 mixed with water. For this, the composition of one capsule Fireman112 after having broken it in an additional capacity (bucket) is diluted in not more than 8 liters of water. The effectiveness of quenching with such a solution is 20 times greater than quenching the source of ignition with ordinary water. The pressure in the capsule is absent. The capsule is made of trauma-safe plastic.


8. Security measures

Prohibited activities:

- strike on the fire extinguisher;

- do not install and store the fire extinguisher Fireman112 near heat sources with a temperature above +60°C.;

- use fire-extinguishing liquid inside;

- avoid contact with fire extinguishing agents in the eyes. If the composition gets into the eye area, rinse the eyes with plenty of water. In case of complications, consult a doctor.

General activities:

In case of breaking the fire-fighting capsule Fireman112 and filling means it should be collected in a container, dilute with water and poured down the drain, fragments of capsules to collect and recycle the standard way. Cleaning of the smashed product must be carried out in the usual way.

Drain means in the sewer system may be performed only in a diluted form.

MOX 112 

Basic properties : 

Aerosol compound mass total : 2800 g

Protected volume max : 127 m3

Operation temperature: -50...+95°C